Competition Projects

This projects were completed to take part in different competitions. The projects are listed below:

Classified Mobile Advertisement(M-Ad):

Tools: Java, Mysql, Ozeki SMS gateway

Description: M-Ad hinges on the primary objective of making life simpler and easier than ever before. We had tried to integrate cell phones as a medium to propagate and query classified advertisements through a holistic and synchronized approach. The project inducts user-friendly software that enables both the advertiser and the user to communicate through cell-phones, a medium that is pervasive, consistent and inexpensive. Different types of advertisements are incorporated into the system so that users from all circles of society can benefit from the system. The project incorporated a subsystem that enables a user to advertise and query through SMS in case his/her cell phone doesn’t boast the requirements specified to run our project.

This project was acclaimed overwhelmingly and won the prizes from two national level competition. This project won the third runner up prize in the Citi Financial IT case Competition. And different national dailies featured our projects. To read from the dailies click here and here. To see the winners list click here. The idea of the project won as the best idea in the Banglalink Grandmaster Idea Contest. The contest is featured here.

Smart Blood Query:

Tools: php, Mysql, Ozeki SMS gatway

Description: Blood Query(SBQ) is an intelligent blood donation system using SMS, based on strong and efficient database of donors and some major human characteristics, which may vary region to region. Won the runner up prize in the East West University's Project Competition.