Graduate Projects

I was involved in these projects as assignments of different courses:

Estimating Distance of a Person from Camera

Tools: C++, CImg Library, dlib

Skin Segmentation using Markov Random Field

Tools: C++, CImg Library

Report: report.pdf

Image Processing and Recognition

Tools: C/C++

Implemented Algorithms: Convolution, Efficient Convolution, Image Watermarking, Image Segmentation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Tools: Python

Implemented Algorithms: BFS, DFS, A* Search, Min-Max Algorithm, Constraint Satisfaction Problem,Viterbi Algorithm, MAP inference, Naive-Bayes, Artificial Neural Network

Accessible privacy for Visually Impaired People

Tools: Android, OpenCV

Report: Report.pdf

Poster: Poster.pdf

Description: Smartphone and other mobile technologies are helping visually impaired users to live their lives independently. But use of these devices creates new kinds of privacy problems for visually impaired people like oral eavesdropping. Privacy is a basic human need but there has been nominal work done on the privacy of visually impaired people with respect to use of laptops, smartphones etc. A visually impaired person mostly uses screen-reader tools to navigate through a website so anyone can overhear when he/she is entering his credit card number to make an online purchase. A tool which can help them in identifying that there is a person in the vicinity, can also help them in making a decision whether to use their devices for performing a privacy sensitive tasks at that time or not. We have conducted a survey with blind and partially blind people to better understand their privacy needs and to know if they would need tools. We have developed a smartphone app which uses live feed to tell the number of people nearby him.

Applications of Data Mining

Tools: R, Java

Implemented Algorithms: k-Means Algorithm, k-NN Algorithm, Naïve Bayes Algorithm, Decision Tree

Research Problems: Random Forest & Sparse Coding

Collaborative Filtering Recommender System

Tools: R, Java

Implemented Algorithms: User Based Collaborative Filtering, Item Based Collaborative Filtering

Professional Projects (top)

I involved in these projects while I was working in Commlink Info Tech Ltd.

SMS Solution

Tools: Jquery, C#, ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Kannel Sms Gateway


Description: SMS Solution is a web based solution designed for companies as well as for Individuals enabling them to send SMS in bulk to customers/clients. Bulk messages can be sent to any mobile number in Bangladesh. It enables customers to send text-based Short Messages in bulk using internet to multiple mobile numbers by logging on to the service web page.The user is able to initiate the message submission as well as carry out self-administration via a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). The main features of SMS Solution are as follows: high Accessibility, Bulk Sending, Pre-Scheduled Sending.

Online Auction Management System

Tools: Django, Python, Mysql


Description: Post e-shop is a e-commerce solution where an user can bid for an item and also can buy an item. This is one of the first auction system developed in Bangladesh. This system was designed similar to e-bay, but considering the socio-cultural differences the underlying process is completely different.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Website

Tools: php, Smarty, Postgresql


Description: Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% government owned specialized Bank in Bangladesh. KRISHI means Agriculture. Since its inception, BKB is financing in agricultural sector remarkably. BKB also performs commercial banking. People working abroad can easily send money home through our Taka Drawing Arrangement.

Undergraduate Projects (top)

These Projects were completed as a part of my undergraduate studies. Some of the projects were implemented for different competitions. Some short description about the projects can be found here.